The Penal code establishes the responsibility of the legal persons for the crimes
Committed by managers and administrators, as well as by their employees, who can impose sanctions of various kinds, ranging from economic penalties to business closures.With this crime prevention Handbook, honoring its commitment to the culture of compliance, Montajes Cancelas, SL, develops a system of management and prevention of crimes in its bosom, through policies that make possible ethics and transparency Business requirements in the market and in society.
For this purpose, the adequacy of the existing controls in the company is examined, and a detailed analysis of the penal risks that could occur in the different areas or departments that make up the company is proceeded. This materializes in this case in the so-called “corporate Compliance”. The objective of this model of prevention is not only to avoid penal sanction, but to promote a corporate ethic, taking a step further in the culture of normative fulfillment, to situate the company in the highest levels of professional integrity. It is therefore a matter of implanting a zero tolerance policy in the company in relation to the Commission on Illicit acts.