Several Galician companies have come together to give a change in the Aquaculture sector; Montajes Cancelas, Feeding Systems, Engranor and Uvigo have formed a consortium to design and create a sustainable and intelligent pontoon, with the support of the Galician Innovation Agency, for giving economic impulse to this type of projects.

Then we leave you some technical characteristics, as well as several photos where you can see in detail_

Measurements and Capacity: 14m of beam by 4.5m of length, 4 silos of 11m3 each, 2 selectors with 8 outputs for 16 cages, 2 blowers of 15kW, feed rate greater than 50 kg / minute.

In its design, the global market to which it is directed has been taken into account, being able to:

Be easily transported by road or sea to the fish farm
Be supplied by parts to be assembled anywhere in the world
Be manufactured in any shipyard under our coordination and supervision