The General Secretariat of Fishing bets for the fish farming and for the paper that is destined to play in the medium and long term

In the current text of reform of the Fishing Common Politics, the need is gathered that the different members states adopt measures of promotion of an economic, social industry and environmentally sustainable, that offers healthy fish to the consumers and of high quality. The above mentioned averages will have to be gathered in the strategic multiannual plans that the members states must present to the European Commission before it finishes 2013, and that have to base on the strategic directives presented recently by the Commission with the intention of trying to reinforce the competitiveness of the fish farming of the EU; since they are the simplification of the administrative procedures, to guarantee the sustainable development and the growth of the fish farming across the coordinated arrangement of the space.

In this respect Carlos Domínguez was declaring that the General Secretariat of Fishing has been entrusted to the Foundation By Spanish Observatory of Fish farming (OESA) the production of the Strategic Multiannual Plan 2014-2020, by mutual agreement with the Autonomous Communities, companies of the sector and other agents. It was advancing, likewise, that at the beginning of June the first workshop of debate will be celebrated on the actions developed up to the date and the strategic blocks of selection of emplacements, diversification and European financing.