The General Secretariat for Fisheries is committed to aquaculture and the role it is destined to play in the medium and long term.

The current reform text of the Common Fisheries Policy includes the need for Member States to adopt measures to promote an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable industry that offers consumers high quality and healthy fish. These measures must be included in the multiannual strategic plans that the Member States must submit to the European Commission before the end of 2013, and which must be based on the strategic guidelines recently presented by the Commission with the aim of trying to strengthen the competitiveness of EU aquaculture, such as simplifying administrative procedures, guaranteeing the sustainable development and growth of aquaculture through coordinated spatial planning.

In this regard, Carlos Domínguez stated that the General Secretariat for Fisheries has entrusted the Spanish Aquaculture Observatory Foundation (OESA) with the preparation of the Multiannual Strategic Plan 2014-2020, in agreement with the Autonomous Communities, companies in the sector and other agents. He also announced that a first workshop will be held at the beginning of June to debate the actions carried out to date and the strategic blocks of site selection, diversification and European funding.