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Our track record

More than 30 years of experience in shipbuilding.

Created in 1975, the shipbuilding company MONTAJES CANCELAS has as basic pillars of its activity the quality and its capacity to offer customized solutions to its customers.

More than 30 years of experience endorse the trajectory of this shipyard in the Ría de Vigo, which has been able to combine professionalism and its knowledge of the business with the application of new technologies and the industrial vanguard at the service of shipbuilding.

Customized solutions and state-of-the-art technology

Quality and adaptation to each project.

In addition, MONTAJES CANCELAS stands out for its activity in the field of repairs and in the construction and transport of large structures, which it manufactures and transports by sea to any part of the world. For the performance of these services, the shipyard applies the same quality criteria that it uses for its production activity.

The shipyard currently has an average workforce of around one hundred workers, who hold certifications obtained from prestigious international organizations such as Lloyds Register, Det Norsket Veritas and Bureau Veritas.

In addition to the work carried out by these qualified operators, there is also the work of the management team, the quality control team and the technicians. This joint activity guarantees the quality and technology offered by the company, which is distinguished by its adaptation to the new challenges of shipbuilding.

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