The “ATZENETA II” is a steel monohull vessel of 20 m. length, 7.2 m. beam and 500 hp engine at 1800 r.p.m., it is the second auxiliary vessel for aquaculture built by MONTAJES CANCELAS and destined to transfer feed to the aquaculture cages.


This is a naval steel feed ship with a load capacity of up to 60 tonnes in six hoppers, although it is designed to deliver 40 tonnes of feed in six hours to around 30 cages.

The large capacity of the completely open deck of this auxiliary vessel for supplying feed to fish farms means that the vessel can be used to transport fry, weaning, etc.

The vessel is equipped with a 450 h.p. freshwater-cooled engine that drives an azimuthal system with a continuous 360-degree rotation.

This technology, together with a bow thruster, allows the vessel to perform manoeuvres impossible for any other vessel, such as lateral displacement, which is very important in manoeuvres between cages or in berthing. Thus, the vessel has all the necessary elements to adequately perform mooring and anchoring tasks.

Its main features also include six hopper tanks, which form part of the ship’s structure, made of steel and with a total capacity of 70 cubic metres.


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