EL BOTALÓ“, a multi-purpose steel catamaran with a length of 20.8 metres, a beam of 7.5 metres and a 3-metre moulded depth, was the first of the specific vessels for aquaculture built by MONTAJES CANCELAS. Launched in April 2005, it has all the necessary elements to make work on board easier and more efficient.


The deck allows the displacement of four tanks, each with a capacity of five metres, dedicated to the transport of fry to the floating facilities and to the assembly of cages or maintenance work. The tanks are equipped with an oxygen diffusion system to ensure fish survival and a bioscanner for counting fish during transfer to the vessel.

It is also equipped with a system that allows the classification or calibration of the different specimens according to their size. In this way, they are transferred by different pipeline circuits to their destination.

The BOTALÓ” has a telescopic and folding crane with a lifting capacity of 5.4 tonnes at 4.41 metres and a maximum reach of 9.9 metres.

For its part, the fully glazed cockpit is designed to facilitate precise manoeuvring at all times, thanks to its dual control, so that the manoeuvre can be carried out either facing forward or aft, depending on the needs.

Its two engines develop a power of 220 hp each and, together with the 57 kilowatt electric generator, provide the necessary energy to carry out the activity on board.


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